The Profile Pic :)

Well the profile pic of your profile on any social networking site is the most important thing. Basically people can be categorised in four types depending on their profile pics:

1. A Cartoon : Its an animation that you love or like, just representing a small part of you… like a devil, calvin from calvin and hobbes or some other cartoon depending on your likes. These people don’t like to put their real image online mosly for privacy isssues.

2. The group shot: These are the most irritating ones because in the small picture you cannot makeout even one person. Mostly girls put their profile pics with their hubbies and/or kids in it.

3. The not so direct shot: These are mostly side profiles or dark or maybe even silhouette images. You can never make out who these poeple are.

4. The direct individual shot: These people change their profile pics really frequently, They keep updating their poses and keep giving us an insight as to what their home/car/office looks like. They will never put a group or even a couple shot as profile pic.

If you have ny more types please write.. 


What I want this valentine’s

Hubby Hope you are reading 🙂

Turns out hubby was reading … got an early valentines on 12th

Losing Faith

I am losing faith in some people. Its not good because if I give up what do I look forward to? If I lose faith in all of them how am I supposed to stay sane?

Private life vs privacy settings

Our world is becoming bolder everyday, putting all their intimate details on public forums for the rest of us to watch. Everyday more and more people are willing to put all their personal data on online profiles from home adresses, phone numbers, relationship status, mood status to even tagging places they ate at last night. The latest trend among Indian users is putting up their honeymoon pictures; where they went, what they bought for each other etc… They even post the pictures of kissing each other, just what is left out is the act itself. What they forget however is to change their privacy setting… Now i can see pictures of some random girl in her husbands arms and all I know is that she is a mutual friend with one of my clients. I don’t care about her but I can see all these personal pics and download then for my entertainment later.

We want to live as nuclear families so we do not comprimise on our privacy but are our lives really private enough?

Sony ericsson finally waking up to the competition

Sony ericsson has recently announced Xperia Arc.  The two things that stand out the most are the inclusion of the the latest android version (2.3) and a 3.5mm jack for headphone. Sony ericsson has always been into making their stuff exclusive, like they have never had a 3.5 mm jack for headphone but a different pin which converted to 3.5mm also their last android phones had android 1.5 whcih was not upgradable :(… so now they ave realized that they cannot really compete with the free market with propretory stuff. good for them.

I don’t understand some people

Recently I came across a video about how patriotism has no language.

Its about these deaf children reciting our national anthem in sign language. This is one of the highly shared videos on facebook and couple of my friends had nothing else to say than “very melodious” , Gosh ! how insensitive can you be?

From one extreme to the other.

My brother has been suffering from severe depression for the last one and a half years. I am not going into the reason as it is very well known and understood in my family but they don’t want to help. 

My brother used to feel lonely and without any purpose. He used to feel that he has no right to live a pathetic life so he even tried suicide, but of late one incident allowed him to understand the real problem, the one we had known all along. Now he has decided he has too many goals and achivements to accomplish. He is trying his hand at almost everything he thinks concievable. Even this state of mind bothers me, I just hope his new ambitions live upto his expectations and he is able to do good in them otherwise his mental state might take a U-turn.